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So i didnt go to school again..but thats okay! Just sitting at home all alone.. Love is at work hopefully he will get out early! Not much has changed in my life still hang out with the same old people and do the same old things. Cant wait for high school to be over with. getting my car back on the road today it looks funny with a different color fender and door but that will be alright until it gets painted for now it will remain 3 colors. Me, Karen, and, Brittany are all on talking terms with Lori again. Today Kevin and I have been together for 10 months its amazing.. Jason and Shana had their baby they named him Jay Robert, he is so adorable.
I have started to look for my prom dress, I know the style i want and the color, i want a brown dress, long and not strapless, me my mom and love are going sometime this week to look, I spent the last 2 weeks looking online for one but theres nothing that i like, so i have no clue where we are going.
My sister is going for her license on the 11th HaHa.. everyone thinks shes going to fail, and i fuck with her by telling her she is going to fail but i think she is a better driver then me. On Sunday the 9th were going to Brandiee's baby shower, i cant wait for my baby cousin to get here.
My birthday is on friday the BiG 19!! Kevin better have something romantic planned! I plan to get totally hammered, my sister is buying me and eighth so i'm pretty sure i will be all set!! HaHa cant wait..
But thats it for now... J-dAwG..(LMFAO,liv)
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