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I'm sitting in C.N.A right now just got done taking a test and i dont think i did that well on it but that okay b/c i'm getting a 95 in this class
Yea so its been a long time since i updated this thing alot has happend in the past month i got in a car accident the hole side of by passenger side is pretty much totaled it will cost about 2 grand to get fixed and also i had my friend Karen with me but thank god that we didnt get hurt... Uhh.. me and kevin are still doing great we hadd an awesome valentines day!!!! i still have not got a job... i'm glad that school is almost over i'm applying to two colleges this weeek.. umm.. winter canival was sooo gay but me and kevin wore matching flanal and deniem.. but i guess that's all for today i will update soon


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hey everyone..
not alot has been happening...ummm got report cards yesterday this is what i got on mine................98 in college prep english.........................
90 in C.N.A........................................
85 in J.M.G........................................
i'm so proud of myself first time in four years i've gotten on the honor role i have straightend my ass up alot since Junior year, got myself out of the fucken drama that goes on in that god damn school, learned who not to hang out with the hard way.. But i dont have to much to say, Sent in an application and all of the shit that i had to send in with it to CMCC for the nursing program to become an R.N (making bug bucks) so i'm nervous but i know that i will get accepted, Graduation is only like 6 months away and college is in the fall of september.. Time is flying
But i will catch ya all lata..
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Okay lets start by telling the adventure story that happend yesterday...
1. went with Amanda, Kasey, and Dennis...down the dirt road kasey had a bright idea of going muddin with the tracker!! HaHa what a joke...got half way down the mud hole and got stuck,bottomed out...I was like sweet
2. Good thing i was there b/c they would have ended up walking back to the school.. So we went to school and was looking for someone to pull the tracker out waited for an hour to find someone but it was fun while we were waiting we went to the smoke shop and we all bet Kasey that he couldnt walk in there smoking a cigarette and YES he did he all laughed our asses off he bought some papers and we smoked!!
3. me and amanda were walking around the school burnt waiting until 2 for school to get out..HaHa good times good times..

at the end of the day i followed Amanda,Janette, Ashley, Kateleen, and Cody to Jen's so we could watch a fight as we were pulling out the intersection at school amanda didnt stop at the stop sign and neither did I a cop was hiding in some tire thing so we couldnt see him and he came flying out in front of me and pulled amanda over and gave her a warning..but thank fucken god that i was behind her and it wasnt me...

So the last few days have been killer fun birngs back alot of old memz.. I'm glad that i'm starting to get along with some of my old friends again..

Kevin has a new job now i'm sooo excited for him!!!

Oh and last night me and my mom got in the biggest fight that he have ever gotten in!! that fucken bitch said that if i left my house with MY car she was going to call the cops on me and tell them tht i stole it...BITCH i payed for that god damn car NOT her..and she kept calling kevin at least 4 times asking him stupid fucken questions like if he new were i was... i wsa so fucken pissed at her she treats my sister sooo much different then me even my dad sees it...si i had kevin come and pick me up and he was all worried asking me if i was going to move out and were i was going to go if i did i told him to my friend Olivia's and she lives in industry and he got all up set b/c he thought that i was breaking up with him.. i told him i wasnt and he was crying hysterically because he thought he would never see me again if i lived with Olivia...I felt so bad but we got everything worked out!!
Went home after school today and my mom was being so nice to me acting like nothing even happend...
But i have written enough...Jess*
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Yea so people need to grow the fuck up seriousley calling someone 3 nights in a fucken row and playing the same gay song why dont you just say who the fuck you are obviousley you have a fucken problem with the 3 of us.. Dont you have anything better to do!!! inmuture fucks....

Last night me and kevin went to the football game talked to the theif Derek Cook HaHa i hope he gets in trouble right lindz!! talked to wildo he wants me and kev to get drunk with him while he sings kerieyoke(how ever its spelled) in is big orange boots!! that would be funny as hell to see that...

Lindz...we need to bring our app.s back sometime soon!

Well thats it for now...<3 Jess*

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Yea...So i finally got my computer working again thank god!
So over the weekend i hung out with Daisy her b/f Kevin, Charlotte, Cassie, Betty Mae, Jim, and My Kevin we all went to the Movies and say flight plan it was a gay movie..But it was nice to see daisy since she was only up for one day she lives in Mass. now
We had a half a day and there is NOTHING to do so i'm just sitting at my house being board...After school i had to get gas then went and bought my dad some ice cream, met Lindz and C at wal-mart HaHa played with some halloween costumes..
Sarajane told me that Olen is coming back from the Marines on Dec. 3rd or 4th but he is only staying for a week or somthing like that...So i want to see him i havent seen him since he left...Cant wait!!
the snow last night was unreal i woke up and there was like 3 inches in my driveway i had my mom back my car out so i could go to school... got into farmington and there was no sbow i was like what the fuck...
But my brother needs the phone so i will bb in a few...
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Hey everyone,
wow it has been a while since i have wroten in this.. i'm getting pretty sick of this fucken shit amanda i have said everything that i need to say to you but i advice you to stop all the shit you write about kevin on your L.J. b/c some of my friends dont appreciate how you always run on about him in your entries i'm not threatening you in anyway i'm just giving you some advice....

But Anyways School is going good...only have three classes C.N.A,English, and J.M.G

Me and Kevin are great he goes to college and thank god he is getting done at the gas stationin in a week...

But i g2g Jess*

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Yah so i got my senior pictures back they came out sooo good i love them but i think all the ones in black in white came out the best. i cant wait to give them out to everyone your all going to love them..
Last night me and Kevin went out to dinner at Jade Palace i have never been there before it was good though but i like fortune fountine better..
I'm bored so i'm going to fill out a survey that i got of xanga from Casey <3 ya...

First best friend: SaraJane
First car: white 2001 dodge neon
First crush: Jake Hoar
First date: Mike Cayer
First kiss: Casey Wilbur
First screen name: Uh...my Yahoo jessicaw20012002
First self purchased album: No clue but probably something gay
First funeral: My Sister when i was 5
First pets: a dog named mandy
First piercing/tattoo: my ears and my tattoo on my lower back
First musician you remember hearing in your house: i dont know who sings it but the song goes like this Bubba shot the juke box last night, said he heard a sad song that mad him cry, went to his truck and got a 45.....

Last cigarette: Last night
Last car ride: Last night
Last kiss: Last night
Last good cry: a few months ago
Last movie seen: Mr. and Mrs. Smith Yea it was a while ago

Last beverage drank: Iced Tea
Last food consumed: Toast
Last crush: Kevin but i'm with him now!!

Last phone call: From Kevin
last chirp: HUH??
last time showered: this morning
Last shoes worn: my k swiss
Last cd played: 50 cent
Last item bought: belly botton ring and some erings
Last annoyance: My brother Logan
Last disappointment: idk
Last time wanting to die: few months ago
Last time scolded: probably like last year..
Last shirt worn: right now i'm wearing a white spegetti strap shirt
Last website visited: Xanga
Last word you said: Sara get me some water
Last song you sang: Lean back remix

What color socks are you wearing? yellow and red ones

What kind/color underwear are you wearing? black ones
What's under your bed? Nothing its clean
What time did you wake up today? 9:00
Where do you want to go? to the store for some food
Where are you going to live? In chesterville...
How many kids do you want? 2
What kind of car(s): a truck and a mustang
Current mood: my belly hurts
Current music:
Current taste: Nothing
Current hair: Half up half down and crunches
Current clothes: a white tank and some yellow gym shorts
Current annoyance(s): None at the moment
Current desktop picture: some water shit
Current book: None dont read during the summer
Current color of toenails: Clear polish
Current time: 12:23
Current hate: the heat
Current love: Kevin


1. Nervous Habits? bitting my lip
2. Are you double jointed?yes in my thumbs
3. Can you roll your tongue? Yep
4. Can you raise one eyebrow at a time? ya but only my right one
5. Can you blow spit bubbles? a little bit
6. Can you cross your eyes? Yea
7. Tattoos? Yup but only one hopefully another one soon
8. Piercings and where? my ears and my bellybotton
9. Do you make your bed daily? Nope

-- LA LA LAND --

What's your sleeping position? On my left side or on my stomach
Even in hot weather do you use a blanket? Yea
Do you snore? nope
Do you sleepwalk? nope
Do you talk in your sleep? i used to
Do you sleep with stuffed animals? Nope there on my shelf
How about with the light on? nope
Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on? nope
Have a crush? Nope i have a lover tho
Do you like to sneeze? No sometimes it hurts

Kevin has to work till 3 then he is coming here and were going to hang out i think my belly hurts still so i think that were just going to spend the night here tonight... Call if you wanna talk you know the #....
Later Dudes.....Jess*
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Sooo everyone..whats been going on havent really talked to anyone lately so just wondering...
Well last night was friday night and we went to the blue berry fest. it was kinda cool but not really everything was over by the time we got there but saw some ppl.. I've been job hunting applyed for VIP i guess there in some seriouse need of some help..so i'll see where that goes..and Dunkin Donuts is hiring so i just might apply there...As you can tell there has been nothing exciting going on in my life at the moment. I'm all ready for school well i mean i want to go back and get it over with but not right off..got all my school shopping done that was fucken hectic..
Got my senior pictures done on thursday it was so much fun i have to go this thursday to pick up the previews.. so i will be sure to give them out to all of my buds..

But i'm out.. i will probably see most of you tonight at the BBF
<3 Jess*

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Happy Birthday Lindz..Have a great day see ya at the 250..oh and dont get in to much trouble up there...

have no idea what i'm doing today Kev is supposed to call me when he gets out of work then i'm sure we will figure it out..

but not much to write so bbyez.. jess*

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WOW..moonlight madness was hectic..Kasey trying to get into it with steve but he was a pussy to get out of his car...LMFAO..then Janette i cant believe he was running his mouth to you...

But we met up with Josh Janette and Cody went to Micky D's and ate some food well i just had a milkshake..went up to MLM and walked around it was pretty broing i def. thought last year was soo much better.. But i'm gald that me and Janette get along now..i have learned to put shit in the past and leave it there..theres really no since to let things drag on...

After they left me and Kev hung out with John..Joe and his g/f i'm not really sure who it is but i think her name is kayla, but i'm not sure..

the cops made us leave b/c it was all over met up with Olivia at irvings..( oh and saw Clams Cunt HaHa guess what she got her license she was driving some white truck and i was like HEY CLAMS CUNT..and she just looked at me and drove away) LMFAO...but back to what i was saying we followed liv to arkay trailer park b/c she was scared that she was going to get pulled over b/c she cant drive after midnight cuz she just got her license yesterday and she was a little buzzed....

Now i'm at home getting ready for bed...Well TTY all Later... Jess*
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