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So i'm at home just typing up some scholarships, kev is at a ice…

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So i'm at home just typing up some scholarships, kev is at a ice fishing derby in industry..fuck that i wasnt going to go be in the cold all morning. But i have no clue what were doing today.. Maybe hang out with Janette and Cody again now that we got everything straightend out found out that fucken Lori was trying to get us all fighting there goes that friendship.. Yah so this vacation has been pertty boring just hanging out and smoking i know i'm a loser..Me and kev had a baby shower to go to yeaterday his cousin jason and his g/f Shana are due next month. Saw Mac but didnt talk to him and sarah and mike were there to but i didnt talk to them either...there were alot pf ppl there and J and shana got tons of baby stuff. Last night kev,me and richard drove to norragewock to get some motors wow wasnt that a confusing drive..we couldnt find the place and the guy wouldnt give us directions and then told tus to call back and when we would he wouldnt answer..so we were all getting pissed like an hour later we talk to the guy and find the house and we get there and the motors are not even worth buying.. oh man wernt them two pissed..i was just happy to get out of that loud truck.

Well thats it for now....Jess

I love you Kevin 9 wonderful months on march 3rd..
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